Centralize all user management around Google Apps

Ensure Google Apps users are up-to-date and GA Centric will automatically take charge of user accounts to be added/removed in all your other apps

  • Google Apps

    Google Apps

    Google Apps becomes the system of record for all your user accounts

  • Single Sign On

    Single Sign On

    Completely seamless login to all your supported apps

  • Register your apps

    Register your apps

    Keep a registry of all your third-party apps

  • Group-based Rules

    Group-based Rules

    Create rules saying which users should have access to apps based on Group membership

  • Automatic change notification

    Automatic change notification

    Receive email summaries of any account changes required in your apps

  • Centralized Audit

    Centralized Audit

    Confirm changes in GA Centric so you always have an up-to-date user audit

Pricing for GA Centric

Simple pricing based on the number of users in your Google Apps domain


1-50 Google Apps users


1-50 Google Apps users for $49 per month


51-100 Google Apps users


51-100 Google Apps users for $99 per month


101-200 Google Apps users


101-200 Google Apps users for $199 per month


201+ Google Apps users


201+ Google Apps users for $499 per month

Secure your apps but free your users!

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